Our Past Book Lists

UPDATE 07/06/2010:

I have found that this list is laborious to maintain. We go through books so quickly that it seems impossible to keep up the list. So I am trying to decide on a better way to do this – maybe I will convert my Excel spreadsheet list from my Simply Charlotte Mason Planner to something which I can post here. Not sure what that will be, but I will come up with something! 🙂


Books we are going to read this year (2010):

Title Author
Seaman: The Dog Who Explored the West with Lewis and Clark Gail Langer Karwoski
Munford meets Lewis & Clark Jaime Aramini
“A Comedy of Errors’” William Shakespeare, adapted by Leon Garfield
Trouble for Lucy Carla Stevens
Johnny Appleseed: God’s Faithful Planter (John Chapman) David R. Collins

Books we have read this year (2009 – 2010):

Title Author
The Whipping Boy Sid Fleischman
Farmer Boy Laura Ingalls Wilder
Under Drake’s Flag G.W. Henty
Meet Christopher Columbus James T. de Kay
Christopher Columbus: Adventurer of Faith and Courage Bennie Rhodes
Carry On, Mr. Bowditch Jean Lee Latham
George’s Secret Key to the Universe Stephen and Lucy Hawking
Squanto, Friend of the Pilgrims Clyde Robert Bulla
Stories of the Pilgrims Margaret B. Pumphrey
How to Do Homework Without Throwing Up Trevor Romain, Elizabeth Verdick
“The Feeling of Power” Isaac Asimov
The boy who drew birds: A Story of John James Audubon Jacqueline Davies
Peter and the Secret of Rundoon Dave Barry, Ridley Pearson
A Lion to Guard Us Clyde Robert Bulla
Surviving Jamestown Gail Karwoski
The Corn Raid James Lincoln Collier
So Few of Me Peter H. Reynolds
The Dot Peter H. Reynolds
Gregor Mendel: The Friar Who Grew Peas Cheryl Bardoe
Ish Peter H. Reynolds
Daniel Boone, Young Hunter and Tracker Augusta Stevenson
Daniel Boone, Frontiersman Janet & Geoff Benge

Books Alex Rider has read this year on his own:

These are the books the Alex has read for his free reading time, usually at bedtime. He is quite a voracious reader, though he doesn’t see any need to read “classics” when he finds his books so much more entertaining! 🙂

Title Author
The 39 Clues: Book 4 Jude Watson
Spy High Mission One A.J. Butcher
The Young Bond Series, Book 1: SilverFin Charlie Higson
Raven’s Gate Anthony Horowitz
Spy High Mission Two A.J. Butcher
The Young Bond Series, Book 2: Blood Fever Charlie Higson
The Young Bond Series, Book 3: Double or Die Charlie Higson
Spy High Mission Three: The Serpent Scenario A.J. Butcher
The 39 Clues: Book 5 Patrick Carman
Dump Trucks and Dogsleds: I’m on My Way, Mom! (Hank Zipzer #16) Henry Winkler & Lin Oliver
Diary of a Wimpy Kid 4 Jeff Kinney
The Abduction Gordon Korman
Diary of a Wimpy Kid 1 (second reading) Jeff Kinney
Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2 (second reading) Jeff Kinney
Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3 (second reading) Jeff Kinney
The Rescue Gordon Korman
The Search Gordon Korman
Three of Diamonds Anthony Horowitz
Things Not Seen Andrew Clements
Witch & Wizard James Patterson
Crocodile Tears: An Alex Rider Novel Anthony Horowitz
Evil Star Anthony Horowitz
Nightrise Anthony Horowitz
The 39 Clues: Book 6 Jude Watson
Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment James Patterson
The Dangerous Days of Daniel X James Patterson
School’s Out – Forever James Patterson
Necropolis Anthony Horowitz
Maximum Ride: The Final Warning James Patterson
MAX: A Maximum Ride Novel James Patterson
Ranger’s Apprentice Book 1: The Ruins of Gorlan John Flanagan
Fang: A Maximum Ride Novel James Patterson
Ranger’s Apprentice Book 2: The Burning Bridge John Flanagan
The 39 Clues: Book 7 Peter Lerangis
The 39 Clues: Book 8 Gordon Korman

Books Dragon Rider has read this year on his own:

These are the books the Dragon has read for his free reading time, usually at bedtime. While he is not quite the voracious reader that his twin brother is, he has been doing quite well this year. He also tends to go back and look through books that he has already read and not re-read them in their entirely, so I can’t always list what he has actually been reading. For instance, last week he had a stack of I Wonder Why books next to his bed and was just perusing through them reading the parts that captured his interest.

Title Author
Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure! Volume 3 shigekatsu Ihara
The Dragon Diary: Dragonology Chronicles Volume 2 Dugald A. Steer
The Reluctant Dragon Kenneth Grahame
Mike Stellar: Nerves of Steel K.A. Holt
The Dragons of Wayward Crescent: Gruffen Chris D’Lacey
Red Dragon Codex R.D. Henham
Dragon’s Blood Jane Yolen
Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher Bruce Coville
The Monster’s Ring Bruce Coville
Heart’s Blood Jane Yolen
A Sending of Dragons Jane Yolen
The Battle of the Labyrinth Rick Riordan

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