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Strayer-Upton Practical Arithmetics Review

Strayer-Upton Practical Arithmetics is a series of 3 small math books published in 1934 and then reprinted in 2007, each intended to cover 2 grade levels. The first book is designed for 3rd/4th grades, then 5th/6th, and the third book … Continue reading

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Math Update for Pre-Algebra

I continued to research math programs, approaches, and sequences, even after I wrote this blog post on math recently. I have discovered that most other countries in the world, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Hungary, Sweden, Japan, China, and Singapore, … Continue reading

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Mid-Year Math Changes

I guess mid-year is as good a time as any to change things up in math a bit! Really, though, this was not planned. It’s just that the boys are growing and changing, so what worked 15 months ago may … Continue reading

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