A Facelift for My Blog

I am participating in this month’s Zero-to-Hero Challenge from WordPress. Each day, they give us an assignment of something to do to improve our blog. I think it’s really designed for true blog beginners, but some of the participants are more experienced or already have blogs like I do and it’s just a way for us to learn more about WordPress’s tools and how to use them.

Today’s assignment was to go through the available themes for sites and consider other themes for our site. I went through a bunch of them looking for something new that would still work for me and really couldn’t find anything better than what I have. But I did feel that after 4 years my site could use a little change just to make it a little fresher. So I searched for some new images for the background and header and changed them. I also reorganized my menus across the top of the site and cleaned up the right-hand column a bit to update it.

I am going to sit with this for a bit and see how I like it. Comments, anyone?


About Cindy

I am a wife to a wonderful hubby and mother of fraternal twin boys (born 6/28/1998). I enjoy family vacations/travels, my photography and acrylic painting hobbies, and anything else I feel like writing or sharing!
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5 Responses to A Facelift for My Blog

  1. Hi Cindy,
    You asked for feedback on your blog look –
    I think the background you’ve chosen goes perfectly with the blog name, and the style is clear. It’s well laid out and easy to navigate.
    Good job. Hope to read more of your posts, and if you’re in the market for offering feedback as well, do let me know any thoughts / advice on my efforts with WordPress!
    Take care – Emma 🙂

    • Cindy says:

      Thank you for checking out my blog, Emma! It’s great to know that others are reading it. 🙂 I have been really swamped lately, but I will take a look at your blog soon and let you know my thoughts for that, too.

  2. You had written in comments that you couldn’t get the embedded video or pho code to post on your blog. When you are in edit mode you have to switch out of visual to text mode. The other way is more involved.
    Nice to meet a fellow homeschool family. My last kiddo graduates from HS this year.

    • Cindy says:

      Thank you. I tried it again today in my private blog and it worked perfect! Maybe I wasn’t in text mode when I thought I was in visual mode, or maybe just saving it as a Draft and Previewing it wasn’t enough to trigger the conversion to a shortcode. 🙂

      Congratulations on just about completing your homeschool journey! What a great accomplishment! We have 2-1/2 more years. One will graduate from our homeschool and the other will graduate public high school. They both were homeschooled for 3rd through 8th grade.

    • photo code – sorry for the typo 🙂

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