Swim Meet in Minden, NV

The weekend of January 28th – 29th, we traveled to Minden, NV for the last regular swim meet of the season. Minden is about an hour-and-a-half away, so we opted to stay the night both Friday night and Saturday night. The Dad has been training to become a Swim Official and did some mentored sessions Friday evening, even though neither boy swam that evening. The Dad mentored both morning and afternoon sessions on Saturday to complete his training, and on Sunday became an official Official! Ha! Ha! 🙂 (Our meets split the age groups between morning and afternoon. Morning, from 8:30 – approx. 12:30 is for the 11 and older. The afternoon races are for the 10 and under ages.)

This was Dragon Rider’s first official swim meet. We persuaded him to give it a try with just one race – the 50 Freestyle. In the 13-14 age group, that’s the ONLY race he can do that’s only 50 yards. All others are 100 yards and longer. He did well for his first meet and seemed to have fun seeing how he did. He did tell me later that he was really nervous before the race. In fact, they had problems with the timing clocks at the end of the heat right before his, so just when he got up there for his heat, he had to wait almost 10 minutes for them to figure out the problem! He said when that happened, he actually started to feel sick and wondered if he was going to puke! 🙂 His time was 35.61 seconds. Here is his race video:


This was Alex Rider’s 3rd official swim meet! He swam 5 races over the weekend, achieving personal best times in each one of them:

  • Saturday
    • 100 Backstroke – 1:27.72
    • 200 Breaststroke – 3:15.56
    • 50 Freestyle – 33.06
  •  Sunday
    • 100 Freestyle – 1:14.36
    • 100 Breaststroke – 1:29.70

Alex Rider is becoming quite the breaststroke swimmer! He always performs best in it compared to the other strokes. On Saturday, not only did he achieve his personal best time for the 200 Breaststroke, he also achieved a time good enough for State Qualification! Only to be dismayed at being DQ’d (DisQualified) for missing one of the 2-hand touches! Grrr! Actually, he knew that he has missed it and was most likely DQ’d, but we weren’t sure until after the heat.

Knowing that he swam fast enough for State Qualification on the 200 yard Breaststroke, he hoped that he would be able to perform as well on Sunday to achieve State Qual on the 100 Breaststroke. This time, he focused on reaching both hands toward the wall each time to make sure he would not miss! And – he did it! He beat the State Qual time by 1 full second! Here’s his 100 Breaststroke video:


I would have never guessed that in his first year of swimming he would have made State Qualification on any stroke! Unfortunately, he will not attend the State Finals because we will be on vacation that weekend (February 17th-19th) . But at least he knows that he made the time for one of his strokes and he will get a special team T-Shirt for qualifying. He has also informed us that we are not to plan vacations during February for the next 4 years so he can attend State Finals! 🙂 And he hopes that by this time next year, since he will be in the same age class, he will qualify for both breaststroke races (100 & 200) and maybe even add his freestyle and backstroke races to the list. Actually, he is getting so uppity now that he is shooting for Junior Olympic times for next year, which are much harder than state times! I suppose it’s good that he’s aiming high! 🙂


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