Vacation to Yellowstone National Park, Day 1

Saturday was our first day in Yellowstone National Park this vacation. We of course saw the many elk and bison that we have seen in the past, but not quite like this! We have seen many bull elk this time regaled in their showy headgear! Up at Mammoth Hot Springs, the elk have practically overtaken the little village. That’s where we got the most up-close – but not too close – to them! That’s why the big bull elk below looks to be in front of a building – he is! Smile We also saw quite a few young bison from this year’s spring births learning how to prepare for the winter. And we got to see a pair of pronghorn for the first time ever! I love this shot that I was able to get as they were crossing the road!

Bull elk and 2 doe
Juvenile bison
Bull elk – Mammoth Hot Springs

Our first pronghorn!

We drove north of Mammoth Hot Springs for the first time ever and went through (and back through!) the North Entrance and into the town of Gardiner, Montana. Quaint little town, but not much there except motels, restaurants, and tourist shops. We had no idea that this entrance was marked with a rock arch! As a result of heading north out of the park, we found that we crossed the 45th parallel latitude and discovered an awesome hot spring-fed section of river that was open for swimming and “hot tubbing”. It was actually the merging of 2 rivers – the Boiling River and the Gardener River. You are only allowed to swim in the Gardner River since the Boiling River is, well, boiling! Since we had left the bathing suits back at the room (oops!), the boys were only able to take off their shoes and socks and wade into the warm water. However, even if we had our bathing suits, it would have been quite cold getting OUT of the water! Alex Rider did take a spash in the water when he slipped on a rock, but I was videoing another part of the river when it happened! 😮

IMG_0544 IMG_0546
IMG_0588 IMG_0586

When we returned to Mammoth Hot Springs, we got our real treat of the day. We arrived to find 2 young bull elk practicing their fighting skills with their nice big antlers! Right in the middle of the village! I took about 6-1/2 minutes of video of the fight. I will post that video to You Tube and update this post with a link to the fight!


As we left the park at the end of Day 1, we were met with a gorgeous sunset, a perfect ending to our first day!


For those of you who want to see more from our first day and are patient enough to view more pictures, I have included a slideshow below with more images.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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I am a wife to a wonderful hubby and mother of fraternal twin boys (born 6/28/1998). I enjoy family vacations/travels, my photography and acrylic painting hobbies, and anything else I feel like writing or sharing!
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2 Responses to Vacation to Yellowstone National Park, Day 1

  1. Angela says:

    I love this park, always guaranteeed to learn lots of geology and see tons of animals.

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos!

  2. Tracey says:

    Great pictures! Welcome Back! Looks like you had a great time~ ! 🙂

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